We’ve released a feature that will let you make custom measures for your team, in measure.team, much like the ones found when you first signed up.

As a coach, you can work with your team as you normally would, identifying what they want to stop doing, what they want to start doing, and what they aspire to. Then, after some rephrasing for some of the statements so that they are all in the positive, you can create a custom measure. Once the measure is created, with its statements, and added to your account, they will show up as a template along with the default measures that come out of the box.

You can reuse your custom measure template for as many teams as you are working with, wherever it is applicable. It will work just like the out of the box measures and your team can generate ideas and track their progress over time on the goals they’ve developed for themselves.

For example, we updated our 2018 goals into a 2019 custom measure for our improvement across the whole company. I then was able to reuse the template we created in measure.team for a “DevOps for Agencies” workshop to dynamically guide the workshop based on the most important focus areas for the attendees.

Any collection of statements that a team wants to improve on over time can be made into a custom type so they can own their own improvement wherever it goes.

Try measure.team!

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