In the video above, I want to show you a little bit about how to use all the features of this tool that we’ve added in so far. We’ll be adding in more over time so, once you get a handle on these, keep an eye out for new ones.

The video above shows how to add a new measure. As a facilitator you’ll want to create a measure for your team so that you all can see how you’re doing, where you might improve, and where you may be thriving. After adding and naming your measure, the video shows how to use the invite URL to get everyone on your team responding to the same instance of your measure. This is especially important for when you take additional instances of your team measure for the purposes of tracking improvement over time.

As your team is responding to the measure’s statements, the video above shows how to encourage and add team notes and ideas. This is important as these ideas will show on the results page, with each statement for discussion. The value of the exercise increases the more comfortable the team feels to share their ideas when considering and responding to the statements. More ideas from more perspectives is the kind of idea generation the team should be going for. This will set the team up for a fuller discussion and better action items coming from the results page.

The video shows how areas of focus are surfaced on the results page, with all of the team’s ideas collected within each statement. The team can start discussions with the first area of focus to discuss ideas for things they might try in order to improve. They can identify action items from the ideas, or add new ones that come from the discussion. As soon as one action item for improvement is determined by the team, the exercise can be considered a success. Alternatively, the team can move down the list of areas of focus however they like until their meeting time runs out.

Once ideas for improvement have been tried, the video shows how to initiate another instance so that the team can take the measure again to come up with new ideas, see improvement, and discuss new focus areas. Once a measure has been taken more than once, the video also shows how you can track the overall improvements over time in a graph as well as per statement in a heat map. 

For help getting your team going on this tool, or for questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us!

Continuous Improvement for your teams?


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