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Last Call is a fully-staffed digital agency with end-to-end project workflow capabilities. Together with our clients, we create websites at the forefront of the digital media economy, following best practices and adhering industry standards from strategy to deployment.


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Rob Bayliss

As a technology consultant and solutions architect, Rob’s consistent pragmatism and technical expertise combine with his confidence and clear communication to make the way forward understandable as well as actionable. An accomplished programmer and marathon runner, Rob systematically achieves success without the BS.

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Alan Wolf
Business Development

A client of Last Call Media's for years, Alan jumped at the chance to help bring our terrific brand of services and skills to the widest possible market.  Alan has spent his career working for organizations that strive to make the world a better place, from politics to nonprofits to technology.  

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Hannah Clemente
Finance Manager

A no nonsense straight shooter, Hannah effortlessly tackles tasks others lack the courage to do. A roller derby player, she is capable of the unthinkable, including managing paper in a paperless office.

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Cheryl Kiras
Project Manager & Scrum Master

I love working with Drupal!  My days include managing all aspects of web development projects and leading teams through the scrum process with mindfulness, humor and creativity. I also write and promote writing haikus!

Projects Are Alive / Expect Ups & Downs / Keep Calm and Radiate


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Abby Kingman
Project Manager / Scrum Master

Sometimes the glue to hold the pieces together, sometimes the grease to keep them moving, whatever it takes to keep the work on the ideal trajectory, Abby draws on years of experience in many realms to keep things humming.

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Alex Noonan
Client Services

Chronically early and obsessively organized, Alex enthusiastically takes care of business. Her attention to detail is basically a superpower, and she loves using it to help people. Alex’s hobbies include drawing, weight-lifting, and asking strangers if she can pet their dog.

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Tom Fleming
Lead Developer

Thomas is an experienced PHP programmer and Drupal developer with extensive experience working on sites for E-Commerce, Academia, and Non-Profits. He has contributed to core, and is a co-maintainer of the Commerce POS module.

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Jeff Landfried
Lead Developer

Jeff diligently delivers elegant solutions with ease. No matter the timeframe or complexity,  Jeff maintains harmony in his circumstances, keeping a cool head for rock solid results.

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Kelly McCabe
Sr. Developer

Behind Kelly’s quiet and careful soft-spoken nature is an inherent programming expertise. She is steadfast and capable; her work enthusiastically speaks for itself.

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Patricia Allen
Junior Designer

Elusive yet dependable, Patricia provides reliable creative and design support.

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A good friend

A shih tzu is a toy dog breed weighing 5–7.25 kilograms with long silky hair. The breed originated in China. Shih Tzu were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969. The name is both singular and plural.

Last Call Media creates digital experiences for web and mobile: we bring our clients contemporary strategy, graphic design, leading-edge development and post-launch support. Our approach combines best practices and progressive techniques to deliver solutions for clients across the private and public enterprise sectors.


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Last Call Media is located at 136 West St., Suite 01 in Northampton, MA. You can contact us by email at, by phone at (888) 788-7177, or by using the contact form below.