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We hope you had a great summer.  We were at school all summer and we couldn’t be happier about it.  Since the spring, Last Call Media helped launch three higher education projects in time for the coming school year. We applied our expert creative services to help conceive, architect, design and develop industry leading digital tools that bring measurable results for our higher education partners.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Alongside Worcester Polytechnic Institute, we employed Last Call Media’s agile process management expertise to design a successful project framework.  We organized a host of stakeholders from communications, content, design and developer resources into one exciting force for the creation of a beautifully collaborative outcome. The new site improves performance, increases engagement, and reduces technical debt and operating costs. Damien Arlabosse, Associate Director of Marketing Web Operations called us “adaptable” when asked to describe us in one word.

Last Call Media also partnered with Smith College to help create a new website that reflects Smith’s unique character and meets visitors’ changing needs. We worked to design and build functionality that empowers their content editors to be more self-sufficient. “We are proud to have worked with our next-door neighbor Smith College using Acquia’s cloud-based hosting solution to get their new site up and running. We look forward to a long relationship with Smith College helping to solve their organizational needs,” said Kelly Albrecht, Founder and Senior Producer at Last Call Media. 

For SUNY Potsdam in just over six weeks, we successfully migrated their legacy CommonSpot site to Drupal 7 on the Acquia platform and assisted with new template development and a relaunching of their site. The Last Call team so impressed SUNY Potsdam’s Director of Web Communications Mindy Thompson that she exclaimed, “Holy smokes!”

And that’s not all! We also worked with IDG, the number one tech media group in the world to revamp the CEC Exchange, a membership site for CIO’s and technical experts. We built the Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment site in Drupal 8 in just two weeks, and we’re hard at work on a full redesign of Rainforest Alliance’s website - also on Drupal 8.

What can Last Call Media do for you? Last Call Media is a full-service creative agency developing solutions for partners online and off through innovative strategy, branding, print, and digital design. Last Call Media enjoys work with purpose– building engaging solutions that assist and support organizations working to improve their communities. 

Let us know where you’d like to go next - contact us at [email protected]

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