Getting closer to your customer: Drupal in the last mile

Expanding from the DevOps mindset outlined in an earlier blog.

With all of the advances in DevOps, it is easy to focus on delivering more, faster, as our important measures of success. However, DevOps is as much about listening as it is about delivering. How do we know we are delivering the right things? How are we informing our customers of this work and getting their feedback effectively?

If our project is using Drupal, it usually ends up being operated by the end users being delivered to. With Drupal being so close to the customer in production, we can use all of its powers to leverage new feedback loops and truly measure our success by customer satisfaction. 

In the talk above we look at using Drupal:

  • to communicate “What’s New/Fixed” to our Drupal end users with each delivery
  • provide our end users contextual guides and resources on site features
  • to gather feedback on the usefulness of our guidance
  • to collect feature requests and bug reports

Ultimately we look at how Drupal, as a CMS, fits into a DevOps mindset, fully closing the loop between what’s developed and what’s in operation.

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