Cooley-Dickinson Hospital offers an incentive based healthy lifestyle program to their employees. As employees participate in exercise activities, healthier eating habits, and life-enhancing techniques education classes they gain points—which translate to greater discounts to their benefits contributions. CDH was tracking this participation program on paper and in Excel for over 1000 employees.


LCM provided an easy-to-use interface to minimize the barrier of entry for users, maximized a Mobile First Approach to condense how much information is presented to allow users to quickly access the main features of the program which is entering exercise activity.


The program has been met with amazing reception both from administration, and employee participation. The program is being further expanded and developed to be modular and rapidly deployed at partner healthcare facility partners.

“…things went really well with the program, it met all of our needs really well and the employees loved it.”
Sam Blasiak
Cooley Dickinson Hospital