Last Call Media helped the CIO Council team rethink their strategic approach.  The CEC Exchange needed to be rebranded and transformed from a place where very few people logged in to one that showcased the key benefits of membership in the Council - media placements, personalized leadership development, and exclusive access to unique content, events and peer matching services.

Last Call Media designed a much simpler and more attractive interface built around the most compelling products and services that the CIO Exchange has to offer.  A CIO visitor to the site can now see how the resources there can help them further their own career, stay on top of the ever changing trends in technology, reach out to peers facing similar challenges, and access the CIO Exchange’s team of expert concierge staff to answer any questions they may have.

From the artistic to the technical, the Last Call team knows their craft. More than that, their flexibility has allowed me to interact with them as an ad-hoc branch of my own IT department, responding to projects and help-desk issues with equal competency.
- Steve Wills, Sr. Manager, Applications Development