Last Call Media used its agile process management expertise to design a successful project framework. We organized a host of stakeholders from communications, content, design and developer resources into one exciting force for the creation of a beautifully collaborative outcome. The new site improves performance, increases engagement, and reduces technical debt and operating costs.

Today, the ability of the various administrative and academic departments to use the site is unparalleled in our experience.  We took the time to train their content developers, in-house communications staff, designers and developers how to fully leverage the new As a result, we’re seeing profound stakeholder use of the tools we collectively built because they’re bought in, and recognize the value in the systems our working partnership designed. Such engagement is the dream of every project, and we’re proud it’s being realized at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Damien Arlabosse, Marketing Web Operations Manager in the Division of Marketing & Communications called us “adaptable” when asked to describe us in one word.