Wicked Winter = San Diego Dreaming

Overnight lows in the single digits. In March. Have me reminiscing about Last Call’s January expedition to SandCamp!

Rob and I landed a day early and got right to work by the resort pool. Before long we were asking ourselves, “if we can work from anywhere, why the heck do we choose Massachusetts?” Sitting in the bright sun and soaking up the 75 degrees, no answer would come.

The camp was within walking distance of the resort and very convenient. Beauty was all around.

I gave two sessions, and they went well. Rob gave a pretty big presentation, an awesome session on Drupal 8, to a packed room. Questions and answers at the end were amazing.

The social events after camp days were well executed. Jacob Tooman and his girlfriend Christina took very good care of us :)

It was funny, the moment I began to miss home, I realized that my whole life I’ve gotten used to Januarys being a certain wintery way. All that warm just didn’t seem right. I felt out of place, as if I were  through the looking glass. When I got home, and I went for a run, the cold made my eyes water and my throat burn. I felt alive and well in New England.

All in all, I say doing a DrupalCamp in San Diego in January is one of the better ideas ever had. Can’t wait to see you all at the next one!


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