Last Call Media at Drupaldelphia this weekend!

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Catherine Hathaway
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Kelly Albrecht is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today for Drupaldelphia, where’s he’s presenting not one but three sessions over the weekend. The first, tomorrow morning at 11:30, is a slightly-revamped version of his DrupalCon Prague session, Always Agile? Not So Fast…, which explores a dichotomy between two development processes, Agile and Waterfall, that is increasing in popularity. The second session, Thinking in Drupal: Taking an Idea from Concept to Completion, describes key Drupal terms for those just starting out. Looking at the Node as “the thing itself,” this sessions gets down to the business of understanding the essence of the building blocks needed for completing projects in Drupal. The final session, Task-Driven Teamwork, explores concepts in successful teamwork and their applications for web development teams. It explores a non-hierarchical organizational chart as well as recent concepts such as differentiations and bridges between the “manager’s” and “maker’s” schedules that are best suited for different team members. And we’re also at BADCamp next week, so stay tuned for more!

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