Drupal GovCon 2018

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Sean Eddings
Senior Producer

Drupal GovCon is the leading Drupal-oriented event of the greater Washington, DC area. This year, it took place from August 22nd-24th.

Last Call Media attended and led a training and a session last year, this year we went even further with two trainings and three talks.

Our new Jira training went really well as a hands on training of the content stemming from Kelly Albrecht’s Making it work… with Jira post.

After that, Kelly presented a trial run of Component Teams in Jira, video here, and has a whole bunch of ideas for the next iteration of this talk.

On Thursday, Kelly and I gave our usual Getting Real About Agile full day workshop, but this time with a new twist. We gave a trial run of a new tool we are working on and the feedback was incredibly positive. We are hard at work now, making this tool ready for the public, more soon!

On Friday, Kelly gave a talk and a lightning talk on DevOps. Due to some miscommunication the actual lightning is recorded here. The talk, with the lightning talk also as an intro, is posted above at the top of the page ?.

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