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Continuous Integration & Delivery: Resources

High performing software development teams will use some form of an agile methodology to produce their work, releasing it in iterations, or even continuously. Awareness can be seen as the root of agility in these development environments. An example of increasing agility by increasing awareness can be seen in implementations of continuous integration, which is the maximizing and automating of awareness during software development.

We recently did a webinar with Pantheon to go past the tooling hype and look at the benefits, of the Continuous Integration & Delivery possible on their platform, for developers, project managers, and clients. 

We also put Acquia Pipelines Beta through similar paces and delivered the following webinar, giving a glimpse of what’s coming soon for Continuous Integration & Delivery on their platform.

Below are links to resources and more information on our work in this area:

  • Our  Drupal scaffold - A starting point for any new Drupal 8 project that comes equipped with many best practice features and tools, including pre-baked CircleCI and TravisCI integration
  • Rob’s 2016 Badcamp session talks about our work on the scaffold and explains the nuts and bolts.
  • See the full article from Kelly on how Awareness Enables Agility.
  • We’re proud to provide Continuous Delivery services. See some of that work here.

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