Tom Fleming for the Movember Foundation

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Last Call’s senior developer Tom Fleming is not only running for Safe Passage on 12/8, he’s also working toward another charitable project in November of 2013: the Movember Movement. The Movember Foundation is an organization dedicated to bringing funding and awareness to a variety of mens’ health issues, from mental health to cancer screening and research.

Here’s why Tom wants to participate, in his own words: “When Colin pointed out Movember, I saw an opportunity to do something fun and charitable, and even better, a persuasive reason for me to grow a mustache. I think another motivation is that I’ve been accused by people I know (and strangers, too) of looking vaguely like John Hodgman, and I guess I find putting that to the test, by attempting to look even more like him, to be amusing.”

What do you think? Will a mustache make Tom look more like John Hodgman? Support Tom’s Movember pledge here and we’ll keep you updated with photos each week as the ‘stache grows in glory.

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