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(Thanks to LCM’s Nolan Richter and Sunraise Printing for this excellent job!)

We’re all building things, everyday. As web developers we build anything and everything that we can imagine. We love constructing things, solving complex problems and discovering and creating innovative solutions. As the office administrator, I get excited when I get to help build something too. My everyday is creating innovative solutions for mundane office problems, and allowing our team to focus on their work without worrying about printers running out of paper or, and this has happened BUT NEVER AGAIN, running out of coffee. (Yes, it was as horrible as it sounds. And it turns out “There’s caffeinated tea” is an unacceptable response to this problem…who knew?)

I got a call telling me that our sign was ready and if it would be alright if they came to install it today. There was no pausing, “WE’D LOVE IF YOU INSTALLED IT TODAY.” I might be a little overly enthusiastic over the phone. Seeing the finished product, you can understand my excitement. As most projects it went through many forms before our final product. We had to ask ourselves what was most important to us. We were looking at backlit steel, raw aluminum, and other various materials. Any of them would have been neat and different but not all of them would have been us. 

Who is Last Call Media? Well, that’s a question that’s answered a little differently according to who you ask. It’s an amazing place to work and create with brilliant and fun people from all walks of life that genuinely love what they do. It’s culture and that’s a very individual experience. If you didn’t attend or see Todd Nienkerk’s session on Creating a Culture of Empowerment at Drupal Con LA, I highly recommend doing so. He breaks down culture in a very approachable way and explains that we bring our own experience to our culture be it nationally, in our family or in our workplace. How do we communicate our Last Call Media culture in a logo we already have, designed as not only an office sign but a work that stands alone? It greets us as we come into the office. It’s the first thing our visitors see. It has to be US! So we went for simple, understated and larger than life. It’s a speech bubble stating who we are, literally. And do I want to shout it from the rooftops? Heck yea I do! But there’s no need for roof tops, I can just stand at my desk!

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