BBQ Sprint Day, 8/28/2013

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BBQ Sprint Day, 8/28/2013. Tom, Rob & Sean.

On Wednesday of last week, we spent the afternoon on another monthly Last Call code sprint as part of the Drupal Give initiative. With beers and mimosas, BBQ and several extra-long extension cords, the afternoon passed in a flurry of laughs and bug fixes. We’re also pleased to say that we have a new core contributor to the community: Kelly McCabe! Congratulations, Kelly. At our last two sessions, Tom and Jeff spent time collaborating on Authorize.Net Card Present, which included porting over the settings from the Commerce Authorize.Net module and swipe detection settings for uberPOS transactions where the credit card is not present. Rob worked on an internal feature that would allow a user to receive emails from whitelisted email addresses, as the site is being tested. All other emails never leave the development server but can be viewed through a web interface. Here are some other things we’ve been working on:

Kelly McCabe:


Justin B:


Our CEO and gracious host, Kelly, aka King of the Grill.

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