Western MA Drupal 8 Release Party #celebr8D8

This November 19th, Last Call Media is proud to be hosting the Western Massachusetts Drupal 8 Release Party! #celebr8D8

More details to come!

Please sign up at the Meetup.com event URL.

Last Call Media first launched our blog in on Drupal 8 in 2013, then relaunched our company site on Drupal 8 a few months later. You can also read the Case Study, featured on Drupal.org, from June 2014.

It’s been a great ride since then and we are very excited for the release of this great achievement in Drupal’s history!

See you at the party!

PS. The below are images by Nolan Richter license CC BY-SA 4.0 to use for your D8 celebrations!


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