We were happy to see New England Drupal Camp’s focus in 2017 was Multilingual. As Drupal 8 has vastly improved multilingual capabilities, it has become easier and more accessible to deliver a multilingual website. This particular topic was detailed very we in a morning talk by Aimee Degnan of Hook42.

Aimee also delivered the camp’s Keynote Talk, “Inclusion and Diversity in the Ever-growing Global Digital Marketplace,” which identified multilingual as a key component of efforts for the web to be more accessible and inclusive.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

Nelson Mandela

I really appreciated the insightful and straightforward examples in Aimee’s talk. 

Differences can’t easily be compared. But differences can be empowering.

Aimee Degnan

I gave an updated iteration of my Agile Design talk, viewable at the top of this post. Before the talk, I sat in on Brian Perry’s “Component Based Theming With UI Patterns” and thought about how component/pattern thinking makes refactoring easier, reduces risk, while increasing reusability and agility. In light of this, I’m definitely looking forward to more coming from our Mannequin project.

Finally, I found Brooke Savona’s “I don’t always do agile, but when I do, I do it like waterfall” to be surprisingly good, considering my original understanding of the talk’s title. My take away was that Brooke actually usually does agile projects and does them really well while making sure to include deliberate and intentional project considerations, which are responsible to do and are also classically common in waterfall projects. The presentation was detailed and informational in ways my talks have been lacking lately. The talk made me realize ways I could better build my post on Jira basics into a valuable training resource.

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