Florida Drupalcamp 2018 was held Friday Feb 16th, Saturday Feb 17th, and Sunday Feb 18th at Florida Technical College in beautiful Orlando, FL.

I flew in early on Thursday, leaving Massachusetts at 31 degrees and landing in Orlando at 85 degrees. I gave our day long agile workshop, “Getting Real about Agile,” on Friday and it was a blast. We built and evolved our agenda collaboratively, as usual. My group this time was really into digging into the basics, so while we didn’t get to all of the advanced exercises, I felt really great about the understanding we all gained over the course of the day.

On Saturday, I gave a new DevOps talk, “Getting Closer to your Customer: Using Drupal in the last mile,” based on a lot of strategy work I’ve been doing recently. Despite the talk being scheduled across from Angie Byron’s featured session, the room was packed, and the audience was very engaged. It went really well and I can’t wait to do its next iteration. I’ve uploaded the slides of this initial draft in the link above.

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