DrupalCamp Atlanta

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Sean Eddings
Senior Producer

Nov 2-4, 2017 // Atlanta, Georgia

DrupalCamp Atlanta is one of the southeast’s largest annual Drupal conferences attracting hundreds of web developers, designers, executives and educators who are engaged with teaching and learning Drupal.

I’m looking forward to facilitating an agile training on Friday. We plan to explore as a group how Agile methods can help individuals and teams increase their speed and effectiveness, and ultimately deliver value to their customers faster. Through a morning of exercises and discussions we plan to cover:

  • What is Agility?
  • An introduction and overview of various methods (Kanban, Scrum) 
  • Troubleshooting challenges in the method

Since our training sold out at this year’s DrupalGovCon, we decided to do it again in Atlanta! Tickets can be found here.

Then over the weekend I’ll be sharing some of our experience with how teams can optimize their process for flow efficiency to deliver value faster. 

Interested in connecting? Reach out here

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