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#a11yTOConf 2018

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Abby Kingman
Scrum Master / Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competency

I’m super-psyched to be going to the #a11yTO Conference on October 15-16! The conference organizers have lined up an amazing all-star list of speakers, including Makoto Ueki, Léonie Watson and many more. While I’m excited to see many of my favorite authors on the list, I’m just as excited to see all of the speakers that I don’t yet know anything about. Here are just 5 enticing snippets extracted from the list of talks:

  • …tips on how to create React apps with accessibility best practices and techniques baked-in from the start!
  • …the intersection of WCAG compliance and Inclusive Design
  • …recurring usability themes from five years of working with seniors on email, desktop basics, social media, and popular mobile apps. 
  • …use cases for the Accessibility Object Model (AOM), some examples of AOM in action, and a status update on browser support.
  • …how designers can incorporate inclusive thinking in their existing toolkit (e.g. user personas, annotating wireframes) and start designing usable experiences.

I could list so many more! It’s a 2-day, single track conference, so there will be none of those agonizing decisions about which talk to go to when. And, hopefully, there will be lots of opportunities to connect with geeks, nerds, and human beings with a passion for accessibility! Tickets are still available through October 10, I hope to see you there! 

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