2019 Resolution: Continuously Improve

For many, the beginning of a new year is a time to take stock and set goals. Unfortunately, it often doubles as a time to look back on the unachieved goals from the previous year.

At Last Call Media, we are passionate about making goals more achievable. We want to be creating a culture of constant improvement. We’ve discovered that the “New Years Resolution” model does not work particularly well. Reflection, feedback and goal setting needs to happen far more frequently. The more awareness a person has about the current state of their team, the better equipped they are to improve. In 2018, we built a self-assessment tool to help our teams better achieve this awareness. 

illustration of tools for measuring and thinking

For 2019, we’ve made this tool available for everyone to use. We call it measure.team because it does exactly that: it measures the state of your team over time. It also promotes discussion by surfacing ideas that would otherwise go unmentioned. This initial release provides three different measures for you to try. Future updates will make it possible to create custom measures that evaluate the metrics best suited for your team. Keep an eye out for a follow up post demonstrating how to create measures tailored for specific teams or entire organizations.

Continuous Improvement for your teams?

Try measure.team!

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