Haverford needed to allow its users to update and manage the content on their section while preventing them from doing any damage. The College houses more than fifty academic departments and programs, each with their own identity, narrative and academic track. Each department needs to have flexibility in the layout of their pages that out of the box Drupal doesn’t provide. We turned to the Panelizer Module as a solution. This module allows content editors to create new page layouts without touching code and without fear of breaking the site.

“Last Call in word? AWESOME!”

-Jennifer O’Donnell, Web Communications Manager

Last Call Media streamlined the way pages were designed. The web team had long been using ZURB Foundation as the base for styling across their site. This was easier than writing all of code from scratch, but updating code was still required to update the layout of a page. By using a custom panels pane style that made all of ZURB’s grid settings available through the the panels pane configuration UI, we were able to combine the power of the Panels IPE (in place editor) and the same foundation layout tools that they were accustomed to using. This allowed the team to instantly create pages with custom layouts in the UI, and see the effects that different grid settings would have on the site in real time, without the need for any code.