2019 Drupal Community DevOps Survey

We’ve probably all heard that DevOps is the future; that it’s how our current technology giants achieve 1000s of software releases per day. It’s how we achieve quality, speed, and resiliency at the same time.


Below are a snapshot of some in progress results from the survey. There are 24 DevOps dimensions in total that are updating as responses come in. The dimensions are scored on a Likert scale as to the consistency of its truth for the respondent. The survey will collect responses until our presentation at DrupalCon.

current overall score of 67% for the survey
This overall score is calculated from all statements across all respondents.
statement score of 31% for the survey
Area of focus: The majority of primary business value has test coverage and these tests are to be run whenever code is committed.
statement score of 36% for the survey
Area of focus: Branches live for less than a day before being merged.
statement score of 44% for the survey
Area of focus: Work-in-process limits are used to monitor and improve flow and throughput.

Each area of focus is an opportunity to generate ideas for how to start and improve as individuals, teams, and even a community as a whole. We can also see where we score strong and, thinking about why this might be, can help us to double down on our innovations.


If you are on a team that builds Drupal sites, and you haven’t responded to this survey yet, please respond to its DevOps statements, on behalf of your team, to see the results, with areas of focus and some advice.