Last Call Media at DrupalCon Prague: Always Agile? Not So Fast...

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Kelly Albrecht, CEO

In the midst of all the changes and good news, even more gospel from the Last Call Media office: Kelly Albrecht, has been selected to present a session at this year’s DrupalCon Prague next week! His presentation, “Always Agile? Not So Fast…” challenges the developing industry standard that Agile development environments always provide the best means to project completion.

The presentation provides insight into the industry’s incumbent Waterfall development process, which, in contrast to its counterpart Agile, requires a strong-handed planning approach, and is best employed with projects defined in scope and expectation. The two approaches are often regarded as polarities, though, according to Kelly, “this is a false dichotomy.” If you’re going to be in Prague, this session promises a practical, applicable formula for determining where to apply either development philosophy.

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