First Class Development Workflow in Drupal 8

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Rob Bayliss

The goal of this session is to give you a first class pipeline for your code. We’ll talk about how to set up a local development stack that mirrors production with Docker, how to leverage package managers like Composer/Bower/NPM now, how to set up CI for asset compilation, code quality checks, unit, functional, and performance tests, and how to deploy those changes to a variety of environments, including Pantheon and Acquia.

Drupal development has changed a lot over the last 5 years. So has the web development community. As developers, our jobs have changed with it. More and more often, we don’t write raw CSS, javascript, or HTML anymore. We no longer view unit testing as something only “real languages” do. Our code has to be leaner, our sites faster. Getting code to production is no longer as simple as a “git push”.

This session is targeted at developers who are familiar with using a feature/code based workflow, but who wish they knew how to implement some of the exciting new tools that are available. You will leave this session with a scaffolding Drupal 8 codebase that is ready to drive every new site you work on to the next level.

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